Can I add my staff as users of my account with different permissions and restrictions?

Bookeo lets you create:

1 account owner can access all account settings
account managers they can edit services, resources, schedules, and most settings but cannot manage other users, payment gateway settings, or account subscriptions
account users with different permissions and restrictions​

In this article:

Add users to your account

1. Click on account>users. The name of the account owner (person who created the Bookeo account) will be listed.

​2. Click on the New user button to create other users.

3. Input user's name, last name, email address (username) and password [1].

4. Tick the Manager [2] checkbox to set a user as Manager of your account. Account Managers can:

  • edit classes, services, tours, teachers, resources, consultants, schedules, and most settings.

  • NOT manage other users, payment gateway settings, or account subscriptions.

5. In the Permissions section, you can set access restrictions to resources for all your users. An overview of the access levels is shown in the table below:

User permissions
View resource schedule
View resource bookings
Create, change and delete bookings
No access      
Read only

Write only    
Read and write




6. If you want to set identical permissions for all users, go to the Change all [3] scroll down menu and select the access level.


7Tick the Customer deletion [4] checkbox to allow this user to delete clients.

8. Save

​Users's activity will be tracked by Bookeo 

You will always know which user created, changed or deleted a booking, class, tour or service.

In your Bookeo homepage
, every message will include the name of the user who created, changed or deleted a booking


b. If you open a booking, the name of the user and the day and time of creation/change or deletion will show in the How section