Sync Bookeo with Outlook 2010

It is very easy to synchronize your Bookeo calendar with Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Using Microsoft Outlook 2007? 
Click here

Using Microsoft Outlook in Office365​ or Outlook Web App (OWA)?

1. In your Bookeo account, go to Calendar

2. Click on the iCal button at the bottom

3. From the scroll down menu [1], select the calendar(s) you want to sync

4. Tick the Use fixed times checkbox [2] if you want Bookeo to send data in GMT timezone. Click here for more information on the Use fixed times function.

5. Copy the Web address [3]

6. In Outlook, click on the Open Calendar button in the menu ribbon

7. Select From Internet... from the menu and paste the web address you copied earlier, and save the changes


The sync with Outlook is one way only, from Bookeo to Outlook. If you want to use a 2 way sync, you can sync Bookeo Calendar 2-way with Google Calendar, then sync Google Calendar 2-way with Outlook.