How can I change the Google Calendar with which I want to sync my Bookeo calendar?

If you want to change the Google Calendar with which your Bookeo calendar is synced, please follow the instructions below.

In this article:

Step 1 - Disable the current sync

1. Sign out of your Google Account

2. In Bookeo, click on account> Google Calendar Sync

3. untick the Enable 2-way sync checkbox

4. Save

Step 2 - Set up the new sync

After 5 minutes-  the sync data will be cleared on both sides -:

1. In Bookeo, click on accountGoogle Calendar Sync

2. Tick the Enable 2-way sync checkbox

3. Google will ask you to sign in (since you signed out at Step 1). Sign in using your new Google account and proceed with the Google Calendar Sync as explained in our tutorial.