The minimum number of total people is higher than the sum of the maximum number of people for all categories

You could encounter this message when adjusting the minimum and maximum number of people allowed in a booking.

In Bookeo you have great flexibility in deciding how many people in total a booking can be for. And also how many adults, how many children, how many infants, how many students, etc.

When you see this message, Bookeo is simply reporting that the settings you are trying to make are not consistent.

For example, consider the settings below:

The settings say 'the minimum number of people per booking is 6'. But they also say: "the maximum number of adults is 3. The maximum number of students is 2. And there can not be any children or infants."

So at maximum you can have 3 adults and 2 students. But you also require a minimum of 6 people. The two conditions can never be met at the same time!


And this is what the error message means.


  • reduce the minimum total number of people 
    and / or
  • increase the maximums in the single categories