Free text additional option (notes, requirements, rain day) - Bookeo Tours and Activities

With this option type, customers will be able to input free text. It can be used for notes, special requirements, and so on.

To create a free text additional option for your tour:

1. Go to Settings>Tours/activities

2. Click on the specific tour/activity and go to the Options tab

3. Click on the New option button to create a new field

4. Choose the Type [1] of option you want to create from the scroll down list.

5. Input the Title [2] of the option and its Description [3] (optional)

6. Set if an input is required by customers - if the Required [4] checkbox is ticked, customers must input some text when making a booking and they won't be able to proceed with the booking unless they input some text.

7. Set the size of the box - the standard free text box allows customers to input text in one line.

Standard box

Check the Multi-line [5] checkbox if you want a bigger box so that customers can input longer text.

Multi-line box

8. Choose Permissions [6] by checking the boxes next to

  • This option is enabled for new bookings
  • Customers can see this option
  • Customers can edit this option