What happens when you use the accept/deny bookings feature

When you enable the Accept/Deny feature, and:

  • customers book online:   
    you can accept, reschedule or decline the booking request.
  • you create a booking from your calendar:   
    you can set the booking as a booking request or automatically confirm the booking

For step by step instructions on how to enable the Accept/Deny feature, please click on the type of account you are using to be redirected to the specific tutorial for the account type:

Bookeo Appointments

Bookeo Classes and Courses

Bookeo Tours and Activities

In this article:

Accept or Deny a booking request made online by customers

When customers make an online booking, and you set your account to accept/deny booking requests, you will receive a booking request in your Bookeo home page.

Click on it and you will be able to accept or decline it

1. Accept the booking request

If you accept it, an email will be automatically be sent to the client, informing him/her that the booking has been accepted.
The email will also contain a request for payment within the time you set.

If you set that you want Bookeo to automatically accept booking requests when a minimum number of participants is reached, you should not manually accept booking requests.

2. Decline the booking request

If you decide to deny the booking request, you can type a message to be sent to the customer.

Create a booking request from your calendar

If you create a booking from your calendar for a service for which the accept/deny feature is enabled, when you click on the Save button, a pop up window will open.

You can:

  • Click on the Accept [1] button to confirm the booking. With this choice you are bypassing the accept/deny settings. Customers will not be required to pay in the time frame you set in the accept/deny settings.
    If you want to always confirm bookings that you create from your calendar, you should tick the don't ask again. Always accept immediately [2] checkbox 
  • Click on the Save changes, but do not accept yet [3] button to save the booking as a booking request that you can later accept or deny.  With this choice the accept/deny settings will apply as if the customer had made a booking request online.

If you accidentally tick the don't ask again. Always accept immediately [2] checkbox, please contact our Support Team and they will re-enable this feature for your account.

Payment for the bookings

If payment is not received within the time you set, Bookeo will automatically cancel the booking:

  • an email will be sent to the customer informing about the cancellation


  • a cancellation message will be shown in your Bookeo homepage


Bookings will not be automatically cancelled if you created the booking from your calendar and chose to accept the booking at the time you created it.

Is it possible to not automatically cancel the booking?

It is certainly possible. In the Payment and deposit tab of the tour/class/workshop settings, set Bookeo to not require an online payment. If there is no online payment required, the booking won't be cancelled for non payment.

Manually restore bookings 

You can manually restore the booking, for example if the customer calls you to make a payment after the automatic cancellation.
Click on the cancellation message in your home page and click on the Save button.

Then click on Restore the booking button.

The booking will be restored and an update email will be sent to the customer.