How can I redirect customers to a different confirmation page after they have completed a booking?

Once customers complete a booking, they are redirected to a standard confirmation page, where they can print the booking and view its details.

If you prefer to redirect customers to another web page:

1. Go to Marketing>Conversion tracking and analytics

2. Go to the Other tracking methods section

3. In the text box at the bottom [1], add the following text:

<script type="text/javascript">"";




Can I delay the redirection?

Yes, you can force the redirection only after a certain delay, ex. 10 seconds, use this code instead:

​<script type="text/javascript">
window.setTimeout(function() {"";
}, 10000);

where the number is the delay in milliseconds. In this example, the delay would be 10 seconds (10000 milliseconds).

Can I redirect customers to a specific page depending on their purchase?

If you want to take different actions/redirect to different pages based on what the customer has purchased (booking, purchase of a prepaid package, purchase of a membership, etc), use the {PRODUCTCODE} field to take different actions. For example:

<script type="text/javascript">
if("{PRODUCTCODE}"=="1234") {"";
} else {"";

  • If you only need to integrate some custom conversion tracking code (other than Google Analytics/Adwords), you may simply input that code in the Other tracking methods field. You do not need to set up a separate page in your web site to include the code. You can use any of the placeholders described in the page ("{PRODUCTCODE}, {EMAILADDRESS}, etc) to fill in the appropriate values in your tracking code.

  • Some web browsers no longer allow redirection from an https page (Bookeo) to an http page. Consider redirecting to an address that begins with https:// for maximum cross-browser compatibility

  • Redirecting the confirmation page to a different address will likely break the correct tracking of analytics code included in Bookeo's confirmation page, including Google Analytics. This happens if the redirection occurs before the tracking code in the page has had the time to run.