How can I add services to my booking page?

Adding services to your booking page is very easy!

What kind of service can I set up in my Bookeo Appointments account?

  • Standard services: ​simple services, such as a service with a duration of 1 hour. For more information click here.

  • Combined Services: offer multiple services in one appointment. For instance a beauty salon may offer waxing services, and customers can choose leg, under arm, upper lip, Brazilian waxing, or a combination of them. Click here to see our tutorial.


  • Services priced by the hour: when you offer a service priced by the hour, customers can select the number of hours they want to book, for example a service @ $25/hr, and customers can book minimum 1 hour, maximum 8. Click here for detailed instructions.



Once you have set up your services, ​you can also set up:

  • Service categories: group your services into categories, for easier navigation by customers​. See more information here.

  • Automatic gap between appointments, that Bookeo will leave before and after your appointments. For example a 30 minutes gap between your appointments, to clean up and get ready for your next customer​. Click here to see our tutorial.
  • Customize time resolution for you and your customers. For example you can set that your customers can only make bookings with a 30 minutes time resolution, that is at 9.00am, 9.30am, 10am and so on. Click here.
  • Customize the availability of each service: for example if you have service with a duration of 45 minutes, and you want that appointments for it only start on the hour (9AM, 10AM, etc). Click here.