How can I create a question "How did you hear about us?"

If you want to ask your customers "How did you hear about us?" when they make a booking, you should create a Multiple choice custom field.

1. Go to Settings>Customer Details

2. Go to the Custom fields tab

3. Click on the New field button

4. In the Type section, from the Type [1] scroll down menu, select the user picks one of the available choices

5. In the Application section, tick the customer making the booking
checkbox [2]. Do not tick the participants [3] checkbox.

6. In the Details section, input the Name [4] and Description [5] of the field.

7. Tick the Public [6] checkbox.

8. From the Default [7] scroll down menu, select if you want to do not set a default choice

9. Click on the New choice [8] button to create a new choice for this custom field. A pop up window will open.

Input the Name and Description of this choice.

11. Repeat for other choices.

12. Save