Free text additional option (notes, requirements..) - Bookeo Appointments

With this option type, customers will be able to input free text. It can be used for notes, special requirements, and so on.

To create free text additional options for your services:

1. Go to Settings>Services offered and additional options

2. Go to the Additional options tab

3. Click on the New option button to create a new field

4. Choose the Type [1] of option you want to create from the scroll down list.

5.  Input the Title [2] of the option and its Description [3] (optional)   

6. Set if an input is required by the ticking the Required [4] checkbox. If this checkbox is ticked, customers won't be able to proceed with the booking unless they input some text.

7. Set the size of the box - the standard free text box allows customers to input text in one line.

Check the Multi-line [5] checkbox if you want a bigger box so that customers can input longer text.

8. Choose Permissions [6] by checking the boxes next to

  • This option is enabled for new bookings
  • Customers can see this option
  • Customers can edit this option

9. In the Restriction [7] section, set for which services this option is available - if this option is available with all your services, or only with selected services.