Event messages in the Home page and RSS feed

Bookeo generates many "messages" about events that occur in your account, and displays these messages in the Home page.

Messages are generated when a booking is created, changed or cancelled, when a gift voucher is purchased, when a customer enrolls as member, when a pending payment is received, and in all other occasions when there is an "event" worthy of your attention.

Important messages are shown at the top of the Home page, and require your immediate attention. To acknowledge them, simply click on the "Ok, I've read this" button. The Home page lists messages generated in the last 14 days.

Subscribe to your messages feed via RSS

Bookeo also publishes an RSS feed that contains all the messages seen in the Home page. You can subscribe to this feed by using one of the many RSS clients/readers available. There are RSS clients for every platform, desktop, mobile and web. By using an RSS client, you can be up to date with what is happening in your business, from anywhere - you don't even need to access your Bookeo account.

Many RSS clients let you keep an archive of old messages, so that you can keep an archive history of Bookeo messages even past the normal 14 days expiration date.

To get the URL of your Bookeo RSS feed:


1. Go to Settings>Notifications. Click on a user to set notifications.

2. Go to the RSS notifications tab. Here you will see your RSS Feed address.

A (probably not complete) list of RSS feed readears is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_feed_aggregators