Can I offer a different service discount to people from different categories (adults, children, students) with a single promotion code in Bookeo Appointments?

If you running a promotion and want to offer a different discount to each people category, for example

  • Normal adult price $80, discounted price $50

  • Normal child price $50, discounted price $45

please follow the instructions detailed below:


Step 1 - Set up a single code promotion with a 0 discount

1. Go to Marketing>Promotions

2. Set up a single code promotion with a 0 discount, as shown in the screenshot below. Click here for our tutorial on how to set up a single code promotion.


Step 2 - Set up a special price to be applied with that promotion

1. Go to Settings>Services Offered and additional options

2. Click on the service and go to the Price tab

3. Click on the New special price button 

4. Select the promotion from the scroll down menu, and set up a fixed special price for each people category

5. Save