Number additional option: customers input/select the number of options required - Bookeo Classes and Courses

If you set up a number additional option for your classes, customers will be able to select a specific number of items to add to their booking.

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To create number additional options:

1. Go to Settings>Classes, Courses, Events

2. Click on the specific class and go to the Options tab

3. Click on the New option button to create a new field


4. In the Type section [1], from the scroll down list, select the customer enters a number

5. In the Details section, input the Title [2] of the option, and its description [3] (optional).    

6. Input the Minimum [4], Maximum [5] number of items that can be required with each booking, and a Default value [6] that customers will see when creating a booking.

7. Tick the Price checkbox [7] if your option has a price.

8. Choose Permissions [8] by checking the boxes next to

  • This option is enabled for new bookings Untick this checkbox if you no longer want to offer this option, without affectng existing bookings. Click here for more information
  • Customers can see this option The option is shown to customers (in the booking confirmation and reminder emails, and also at checkout if the "Customers can edit this option" checkbox is ticked)
  • Customers can edit this option The option is shown to customers at checkout so they can make a selection

9. Tick the Show in summary checkbox [9] if you want this option to show in the summary report.

10. In the Standard price [10] section, from the scroll down menu, input the price [11] of this choice. 


If you have enabled memberships in your account, you can tick the Enable member prices checkbox [12], and set a specific price for members [13].


11. In the Special prices section, you can define special prices for this option, applying during pricing seasons, days/time of the week, number of people, group/family discounts.

12. In the Taxes section, you can select which taxes apply to this option.

13. Save.