Google Analytics integration (for users of Universal Analytics)

These instructions refer to the integration with Google Universal Analytics. To find out the difference between the 'classic' Analytics and Universal Analytics, and to learn which version of Analytics to use, please see this article.

In this article:

1. Install Google Analytics tracking code in your web site

Install Google Analytics tracking code in all the pages of your website, following Google's instructions at

​2. Enable Google Universal Analytics integration in your Bookeo account

1. Log into your Bookeo account (as owner or manager of the account)

2. Click on Marketing>Conversion tracking and analytics

3. In the Google Universal Analytics section, tick the checkbox Enable integration with Google Universal Analytics [1]  

4. Input your Google Universal Analytics tracking ID [2] 

5. Save

3. Enable web site integration in your Bookeo account

Make sure to enable the web site integration (via the widget or plugin). Click here for more information on the website integration.

Thanks to web site integration, Google Analytics can track a customer's browsing session even as he or she moves from your web site to your booking page. 

That's it! Your traffic will now start being tracked automatically by Bookeo, and you can view it even in real time in your Google Analytics console.

4. Enable E-commerce tracking in your Google Analytics account

Every time a booking is confirmed, a prepaid package is purchased, a membership is enrolled into, etc... Bookeo will track an E-commerce transaction in your Google Analytics account.

Make sure to enable E-commerce tracking in your Google Analytics account to get more insight about your sales, including how many sales each traffic source generated, how many sales for each product your received, and so on.

To learn more about Google Analytics E-commerce, please see

5. Link Google Analytics with Adwords 

Once you have integrated Bookeo with Google Analytics, you can link Google Analytics and Google Adwords conversions. Click here for more information.

6. Set up goals in Google Analytics

You can optionally set up "goals" in Analytics, to track when specific events occur. The most common goal to track from Bookeo is when a customer has completed a booking. In this case, simply set up a "destination" goal, with the Destination field set to /bookeo/booking-confirmed

To see a list of all URLs that Bookeo can pass to Analytics, see this article.