Integration in a website based on Google Site

Bookeo Online Scheduling and Reservation System can be embedded into a Google site.

Before you set up the website integration, please contact our Technical Support Team at and ask them to disable the feature to check for the presence of the widget in your booking page for your account.

Step 1 - Set up the integration in Bookeo

1. In your Bookeo account, go to Settings>Website Integration

2. From the Page location 
[1] scroll down menu, select embed a widget in my website.  [This will open new options on the page]

3. In the Widget section #1, copy the widget HTML code line that appears [2].


Step 2 - Set up the integration in Google Site

​1. Go to your booking page

2. Click on the Edit  link at the right top corner

3. Click on the Insert [4] menu and select More gadgets... [5]

4. Click on Add gadget by URL [6] and paste [7] this address:

5. Click on the Add button

Paste the Account Id [8] obtained at Step 1 - point 3 and adjust width/height [9] of gadget as necessary.  

7. Click on the OK button

8. Click on the Save button


Step 3 - Set up the URL of your booking page in Bookeo

1. In your Bookeo account, click on Settings>Web site integration.

In the Widget section #2, paste the URL of the webpage where you put the widget [3] (the booking page in your website)

3. Save