Set up a workshop

To set up a workshop in your Bookeo Appointments account:

1. Go to Settings>Workshops

2. Click on the button New and select if you would like to create a
Workshopheld periodically with a fixed schedule or a Special eventheld only on particular dates. You will complete a quick set up wizard, and will be able to define more details later.

Set name, description and sections

Input the Name of the workshop and a Description. You can also create information sections (such as "What to bring", "Our teaching" and so on).

Create a schedule for the workshop

You can offer:

1. Workshops with a fixed weekly schedule

In the Schedule section, click on  the green + icon to create a workshop for each day of the week.
Select start time, resource and number of seats (max. number of people allowed per workshop).
The workshop can have different start time and seats for each single schedule.


​Select the duration of the workshop

2. Special events​ held only on specific days 

In the Schedule section, click on the New button to create a date for the event/class, and input date, start time and number of seats. The event/class can have different start time and seats for each schedule.

Repeat to input all the dates when this workshop is available and a summary will be shown in a table.


Select the duration of the special event


Set the workshop price

In the Standard price section you can input a specific price for the people categories you created.

You will also be able to set:

  • special prices: during pricing seasons, days/time of the week, number of people, group/family discounts.


Payment and deposit

Select if you want to collect online payments of the full amount, deposits, collect credit card number...
You can set:


Images and videos

Upload an image to represent the workshop to your customers. You will be able to upload a gallery of images and videos after finishing the setup wizard.