How can I mark a booking as a no-show?

If you want to mark a booking as a no-show:

1. Go to your Home page or your Calendar

2. Click on a booking to open it

3. Click on the No-show button

4. Bookeo will ask you if you are sure that you want to mark the booking as a no-show.

5. Click on Yes, mark as no-show.

6. Click on Ok

 The booking will be marked as a no-show and the no-show will be recorded:

  • in the customer's history
  • in the booking reports, that you can generate in Marketing>Reports>Bookings.

If you want to reduce no-shows, consider asking for a non-refundable deposit, or to at least collect the customer's card details at the time of booking. For information on how to set up payment terms, please see our tutorials for:

Bookeo Appointments

Bookeo Classes and Courses

Bookeo Tours and Activities