Services priced by less or more than 1 hour increments (for example 30 minutes)

If you offer a service priced by less then 1 hour increments, for example by 30 minutes increments, and customers can select the number of increments they want to book, please follow the set up instructions below.


Step 1. Create a new Service with no duration and no price

1.  Go to Settings>Services offered and additional options

In the Choices section, click on the New choice button to create a service.

3. In the General tab, input the service Name [1], Description [2] and select a duration [3] of 0 hours and 00 minutes.

4. Go to the Price tab and set a Price [4] of $0.


5. Save.

Step 2. Create a multiple choice additional option

1.  Go to Settings>Services offered and additional options, then to the Additional options tab

2. Click on the New option button

3. In the Type section, from the Type [5] scroll down menu select the customer picks one of available choices

4. In the Title [6] field, input name for the option, for example Duration and if you want a description [7] of the service.

5. Tick the Duration [8] checkbox

6. From the Default [9] scroll down menu, set if you want to set a default choice.

Click on the New Choice button to set up a new choice.

8. In the General tab, input the Name [10] of the choice, for example 30 minutes​, and select its Duration [12].

9. Go to the Price tab and set a Price for this choice.

10. In the Restrictions section, select the Service for which this option is enabled