Can I record a manual payment (cash, debit card, bank transfer, cheque, credit card, other...) and bill a stored credit card?

You can record a manual payment in your Bookeo account: if people pay in your studio/office, or if you receive, for example, a bank transfer.

1. Go to your Bookeo Calendar

2. Click on a booking to open it

3. Go to the Payments tab

4. Click on the Payment button 

From the scroll down menu, select the Payment method [1] and input the Amount [2] paid.

6. In the Reason [3] field, input the reason for payment. For example: deposit.

7. In the Description [4] field, input a description for payment

8. If you are processing a credit card payment, from the Payment method [1] scroll down menu, select bill credit card for the given amount

9. Select a stored credit card or input new credit card details

10. Save.

Payments will show in the Payments tab of the booking.