Integration with PayPal Payments Pro

Bookeo integrates with PayPal Payments Pro to process payments via credit card.

In this article:

Select PayPal Payments Pro as payment gateway

1. Log into your Bookeo account

2. Click on Settings>Online payments.

3. Select PayPal Payments Pro as the gateway

You will be asked to input the following credentials: 
PayPal API User, Password and Signature.

4. Click on the Ok button

5. You will be prompted to input your Bookeo password to confirm the payment gateway integration. Input the password and click Ok.​

How to get your PayPal API User, Password and Signature

1. Open a new tab in your browser

2. Go to the PayPal website and log in.

3. Go to My Account>Profile

4. Click on Request API credentials

5. Under Option 1 - PayPal API, click on Set up PayPal API credentials and permissions

6. Under Option 2 - Request API credentials to create your own API username and password, click on View API Certificate.

7. Now, select Request API signature and click Agree and Submit.

Understanding failed payments

If a payment is rejected by PayPal, you can check the reason details in your PayPal Manager control panel:

  • Login as the administrator user
  • Click on Search transactions, and search the transaction by the customer's last name and date.
  • Click on the transaction found, and you will be shown the full details of the transaction.

If you still have doubts about the reason for the transaction being rejected/declined, please contact your PayPal account manager, quoting the transaction ID shown on the page.