Does Bookeo offer a calendar search function for bookings for the back-end? (Find button)

Bookeo offers a search function for bookings for the back-end, similar to the search function offered for the front end.

1. Go to Calendar

2. If you want to:

  • create a new booking: click on a time slot
  • reschedule an existing booking: click on a booking to open it

3. Select a service, class or tour.

4. In the When section, click on the Find [1] button.

5. A pop up window will open and show available timeslots for booking. You can click on the arrows in the calendar section to see upcoming days [2] or months [3]

6. Click on a time slot

7. Complete the booking details

8. Save


The Find function will show available slots according to your account settings, including:

  • automatic gaps between appointments

  • specific availability of a service and/or resource