How can I set up a one-off fee per customer?

A one-off fee per customer can be set up as a membership in your Bookeo account. Once you set up the one-off fee in your account, customers will be required to sign in or sign up as members to make a booking.

In this article:

Step 1 - Enable Memberships in your account

1. Go to Marketing>Memberships

2. In the Memberships section, tick the Enable Memberships checkbox

3.In the Access restrictions section, select the option Only members can make a booking 

4.In the Enrollment section, select the option let people enroll by themselves

Step 2 - Set up a one-off fee per customer

1. In the Rates section, click on the New Rate button to create a new membership fee:

  • in the Payment mode field, select: the customer pays once, upfront
  • in the Validity field, set a validity for this one-off fee. In the example below, we set 20 years.

2. Save

3. Click on the Ok button