If I start with a payment gateway, can I change with another later?

It is possible to change the payment gateway associated with your account. It only takes a few minutes.

1. Go to Settings>Online Payments

2.  Select the new payment gateway from the drop down menu

3. Input all the necessary data for the integration. Click here for step by step instructions

4. Save

5. A pop up window will open asking you to input your Bookeo password for security reasons.

6. Input the password and click on the OK button


When you change the payment gateway associated with your Bookeo account:

  • all credit card data stored with your old payment gateway will be lost, and you won’t be able to charge cancellation fees or issue refunds via the Bookeo dashboard for bookings made using the previous payment gateway. However, you will be able to log into your old payment gateway dashboard to charge credit cards and issue refunds.
  • If you have enabled memberships in Marketing>Memberships, recurring payments for existing memberships will stop.