Assign resources to tours with a fixed weekly schedule and to special tours

Once you have set up your tours with a fixed weekly schedule and your special tours, you can assign resources to their schedule.

In this article:

Step 1 - Enable resources for tours

1. Go to Settings>Tours/Activities

2. Click on a tour

3. Go to the General tab.

3. In the Resources section, tick the checkbox to enable resources for this tour.

4. Save

Step 2 - Assign resources to a tour

Once you have enabled resources for the selected tour, as described at Step 1:

1. Go to the Schedule tab

2. For tours with a fixed weekly schedule, click on a time to assign resources. For Special tours, click on a date for this tour to assign resources.

If you see "???", it means that resources have not been assigned yet.

How to assign resources to weekly tours


How to assign resources to special tours

3. You can select the specific resources from the scroll down menu, or input new resources clicking on the Add new button. If you add new resources, you can define their settings later.

4. Save and repeat for other times.