Can I integrate a list of upcoming events (classes/tours) on a page of my website?

You can use the Ical feed to include a listing of upcoming events - with names and dates - in a side column of a web page, to make it easy for people to know what's on the schedule. 

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How to get the iCal feed

Bookeo provides an Ical feed of the upcoming 60 days of events. To get the Ical feed:

1. Go to Calendar

2. Click on the iCal button at the bottom right

3. Copy the iCal feed URL


If you offer group classes/tours and also personal lessons and open schedule tours, from the Show the iCal web address for... [1] dropdown menu please make sure to select all group classes or all group tours. If you select everything, the iCal feed will include ucomping personal lessons and open schedule tours, for which details of individual bookings will be shown.


Calendars you can use

You can subscribe to this calendar using a service like Google Calendar, then share that calendar in your web site (see Google tutorial Embed calendars on your website).
You can see some examples here and here.

There are also other services offering this feature, for example:

Google, and Upto are not the only services that offers this functionality - you can find other services that lets you publish a calendar in your web site.