Can I customize color and style of tabs in my booking page?

It is possible to customize the color of the tabs in your booking page.

In your Bookeo account:

1. Go to Settings>Colors and Styles

2. in the Custom CSS section at the bottom, paste this code:

.bookeocss .smallbLeft, .bookeocss .smallbRight {background-image: none !important; background: #09172A; color: #FFFFFF;}

You can also add other attributes, such as upper case for words in the Tabs:

.bookeocss .smallbLeft, .bookeocss .smallbRight {background-image: none !important; background: #09172A; color: #FFFFFF;
text-transform: uppercase;}

The text color value is an HTML color code, which you can select here:


CSS rules do not apply to the mobile interface. The mobile interface is optimized and tested for all major mobile platforms, and for this reason customization is not supported.