Can I accept late enrollments for my courses (after the course has already started)?

You can accept late-enrollments for courses after the course has already started. 

In this article:

Enable late online enrollments for a course

1. Go to Settings>Classes, courses, events
2. Click on the course
3. Go to the Schedule tab
4. In the Late enrollment section:

  • tick the Late enrollment checkbox  [1]

  • in Enrollment limit [2], select up to when - how many classes after the course has started - customers can enroll online

5. Save

Set specific prices for late enrollments

You can apply the full price of the course to late enrollments, or set a pro-rated price depending on the number of classes booked.

1. Go to the Price tab of the course

2. In the Late enrollment section [3], you can set to apply:

a. the full price of the course to late enrollments, simply select apply full price from the scroll down menu. This is the default setting      
b. a pro-rated price depending on the number of classes booked, simply select apply the price of a single class, multiplied by the number of classes booked

3. In the Standard price (single class) section [4], you can then set the pro-rated price per class, for each people category or per booking. For example if you set a price of $10/adult/class and a customer enrolls for 5 classes, Bookeo will charge $50 ($10/adult/class X 5 classes).

4. In the Special prices (single class) section [5], you can set special prices applying to late enrollments. Click here for more information on how to set up special prices.

5. In the Taxes (single class) section [6], you can set which taxes apply to the late enrollments. Click here for more information

6. Save