Can I change the text font type and size in the widget? Can I use Google fonts?

It is possible to change the text font type and/or size of the widget. 

In this article:

Change the text font type and/or size of the widget

In your Bookeo account:

1. Go to Settings>Colors and Styles

2. in the Custom CSS section at the bottom, paste CSS code, something like:

.bookeocss * {
font-family: Arial;

In the example provided, the text will show in Arial font, size 14px.

If you change the font size, please check for alignments. 

Using Google Fonts

If you want to use Google fonts:  

1. Go to and locate the desired font.

2. Click on the plus icon + [1] to the right of the font name.

3. Click on the 1 Family selected [2] bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

4. Click on @IMPORT [3] and copy the script provided between brackets, e.g. @import url(; 

5. Open the address in your browser

6. Copy the content of the page from the browser, paste it in your account in Settings>Colors and styles>Custom CSS

7. Add this code to the bottom, replacing "'Open Sans', sans-serif" with your font name as shown in the 1 Family selected [2] bar, at point [5]

.bookeocss * {
font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

8. Save

CSS rules do not apply to the mobile interface. The mobile interface is optimized and tested for all major mobile platforms, and for this reason customization is not supported.