How can I sell specific gift vouchers (can be used to book the specific service they were purchased for)?

Gift vouchers are an original and appreciated gift for most occasions. Gift vouchers bought online are also great as last minute gifts, when brick and mortar shops are closed.

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How To Enable Specific Gift Vouchers

To enable specific gift vouchers, that can be used to book only the service they were purchased for, for example a 60 minutes Swedish massage:

1. Go to Marketing>Gift Vouchers

2. In the Specific Gift Voucher section, tick the Enable Specific gift vouchers [1] checkbox

3. From the Validity term [2] scroll down menu, select the validity of the voucher: how long the gift voucher will be valid from the date of purchase (i.e. 6 months). 

If you do not want to set an expiry date for your gift vouchers, select forever from the number drop down menu.

4. Tick the Enable even if there are no future dates checkbox [3] if you want to sell gift vouchers for events that you haven't scheduled in your account yet.  

5. Tick the Refund checkbox [4] if you want customers to be able to use the voucher if they cancel their booking within a specific time before the start of the appointment and select the time from the scroll down menu.

6. Save

The price of specific gift vouchers is the highest price you set up for your service in the Price tab of your service, including special prices.

If you want to sell the gift voucher at a specific low price, you should set up a generic gift voucher instead. Click here for information on how to set up a generic gift voucher.

Sell specific gift vouchers online and from your Bookeo Calendar

How can customers purchase specific gift vouchers online?

Once gift vouchers are enabled in you Bookeo account, customers can buy them:

Sell specific gift vouchers from your Bookeo Calendar

1. Go to your Bookeo Calendar.

2. Click on the Gift voucher icon at the right bottom of your Bookeo Calendar. A pop up window will open.

3. Click on Specific gift voucher

4.  In the What [5] section, select the service, and any additional option.

5. In the How section, from the Promotion [6] scroll down menu, select a promotion that you want to apply to the gift voucher sale.

Promotions can be applied to specific gift vouchers, unless:

  • you set a validity based on the time when the booking is created, and the gift vouchers is not purchased during that period (s) (in the Validity section of the promotion, you selected the time when the booking is created...).

  • you set a validity based on the date booked (in the Validity section of the promotion you did not select the time booked must be in one of the following and set a validity period).

6. Go to the Donor tab and input the donor's details.

7. Go to the Payments tab and input the payment. 

Click here for information on how to record a manual payment, for example a cash payment.

Click here for information on how to charge a credit card in Bookeo.

8. Tick the Send email: donor checkbox if you want to send a copy of the gift voucher to the donor.

9. You can click on the Print button to print a copy of the gift voucher.

10. Save

Specific gift vouchers redemption online and from your Bookeo Calendar

Specific gift vouchers can be redeemed by customers online, or from your Bookeo Calendar by you and the users of your account.

Please note that it is possible to redeem:

  • Only one specific gift voucher at a time
  • One specific gift voucher and one or more generic vouchers in the same booking. Simply separate the gift vouchers numbers with a comma.

Specific gift vouchers redemption online

Specific gift vouchers can be redeemed:

  • from your booking page, or

  • using the link provided in the gift voucher certificate, that you can find in Marketing>Gift Vouchers.

Specific gift vouchers redemption from your Bookeo calendar

If you redeem a specific voucher in Bookeo, you can use it to book the service the voucher was purchased for.

1. Go to Calendar or to the Home page

2. Click on a time slot to create a booking

3. In the How [8] section of the booking, click on the Add button and input the voucher number. Then click on the Ok button. 
Bookeo will automatically deduct the value of the voucher from the total price.

4. The gift voucher will show:

  • in the How section of the booking, in the Gift voucher [8] field, and
  • in the Price breakdown [9]