Checkbox custom field for customer and participants

With a checkbox custom field, customers will be required to tick a checkbox, for example to answer a question.

1. Go to Settings>Customer Details

2. Go to the Custom fields tab

3. Click on the New field button

4. In the Type section, from the Type [1] scroll down menu, select the user checks/unchecks a checkbox

5. In the Application section, tick the customer making the booking [2] and/or to the participants [3] checkboxes to set when the field should be applied

6. In the Details section, input the Name [4] and Description [5] of the field.

Tick the Default value [6]
 checkbox if this field is checked by default when customers make a booking. 

8. Tick the Public [7] checkbox if customers can see this field.

9. Save

Custom fields for participants will be asked during the booking process if you set that you want to Ask for the details of every participant:

  • in the People tab of your classes/tours

  • in Settings>Number of people and people categories in Bookeo Appointments