Where can I see participants linked to a customer?

Participants linked to a customer are participants to a booking made by a specific customer. If a parent makes a booking for his 2 children, the parent is the customer, and the 2 children are linked participant to that parent.

In this article:

If you want to see participants linked to a customer

1. Go to Customers

2. Type the name of the participant in the Search[1] box

3. Bookeo will show the names of customers or participants with that name, and the name of the customer who made the booking between brackets [2]

4. Click on the customer record to see the participant and all her/his bookings.

Is it possible to select participants linked to a customer when making a booking?

When you create a booking from your Bookeo Calendar or customers make a booking online, from the Select [1] scroll down menu, it is possible to select if the booking is for:

  • the customer
  • a participant linked to the customer
  • a new participant

If there are existing details about the specific participant, Bookeo will automatically pre-fill standard and custom fields. 

Can I merge participants linked to a customer?

You can merge participants linked to a specific customer.

1. Go to Customers

2. Click on a customer

3. Click on the Linked participants tab. Here you will see all the participants linked to that customer

4. Tick the checkbox next to the participants you want to merge

5. Click on the Merge button

6. A pop up window will open asking you to confirm if you want to merge the participants

7. Click on the Ok, merge data button