Understanding Statistics and Charts

Statistics and Charts let you see how your business is going and so you can focus on what’s working best.

Statistics and Charts are pre-calculated at the end of each day. You can see Statistics and Charts in Marketing>Statistics and Charts.  

Here's an explanation of the key terms you will see in Statistics and charts.

What is "Revenue"?

The Revenue is the sum of the items below on a specific date or date range:

  • the total price of bookings created (canceled or no show are not counted)
  • deposits
  • purchases of prepaid packages, gift vouchers, memberships
  • any other payment tracked manually

The Revenue is not the total of payments received. The revenue is counted on the date the payment is received (or presumed to be received). For example, if you take only a deposit when the booking is created, the revenue from the deposit is counted on the day it is received (date when the booking was made) and the balance on the date booked, that is the day the visit.

What is "Booked Value"?

The Booked value is the total price of every booking whose date booked (date of the visit, not the date when the booking was created) on a specific date or date range. 

What is "Visit"?

A visit is when the customer who made a booking actually visits your business. This excludes canceled or no-show bookings.

What is "Fill Factor"?

Fill factor is the ratio (division) between the number of seats booked and the total number of seats available (non-blocked). For example, a Fill factor of 100% means that all your classes/tours/games were fully booked.

The values shown in Statistics and Charts can be different from the total payments received. For example, the revenue calculated for a month is completely different from payments received for a month (because you may not have tracked all payments in Bookeo for example), or from the total value of bookings made in a month.

To get the amount of total payments received, you can generate a report from Marketing>Reports>Payments.