Can I use Google Fonts in my booking page?

It is possible to use Google fonts in your booking page. 

Let's assume you want to use the font "Open Sans" from Google Fonts:

1. Get the @import code for the font, from
In the various import methods you will find this: @import url(;

2. Open the URL in a browser, but make sure to use https instead of http:

3. The page will consist in a long series of CSS rules. Copy the content of the page from the browser

4. Go to Settings>Colors and Styles

5. in the Custom CSS section at the bottom, paste the code you copied, for example:

.bookeocss * {
font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif;

CSS rules do not apply to the mobile interface. The mobile interface is optimized and tested for all major mobile platforms, and for this reason customization is not supported.