Integration with Viator/Tripadvisor

With Bookeo you can sell your tours and activities on Viator. Viator is now part of TripAdvisor, which means that listings in Viator can also be displayed in TripAdvisor.

In your Bookeo Tours and Activities account:

1. Go to Marketing>Distribution channels

2. Click on Viator/Tripadvisor

3. Tick the Enable Viator integration [1] checkbox


4. Select the closest city from the Your location [2] scroll down menu

5. Viator uses 5 fixed categories of people in its reservations. In the Participants [3] section, you can set to which categories they correspond in Bookeo.

4. In the API Key [4] section, you can see your Viator API Key

5. Click on the Download [5] button to download a PDF file

6. Click OK

7. Contact your Viator representative and send the PDF file that you downloaded. With the information included in the file, Viator will be able to start the onboarding process.

  If you do not have an account with Viator, click here to fill in the Viator Supplier Form. 


The integration is included in the monthly subscription of your Bookeo Tours and Activities account. The integration is specific to Bookeo Tours and Activities. It is not available for Bookeo Appointments or Bookeo Classes and Courses.

Bookeo will not charge any commission on bookings made through Viator, but Viator may apply its own fees.

Unconfirmed bookings

The purpose of the Viator integration, as set by Viator, is to show real-time availability to customers, and to provide real-time booking confirmations. When using the integration, it is not possible to have "pending requests" that you can accept or deny. Real-time bookings from Viator are always confirmed immediately.

Additional options

Viator does not support additional options. So if you have set up additional options to your tours in the Options tab, the additional options will not be offered to customers making a booking via Viator/Tripadvisor.