How to merge duplicate customers in Bookeo

When a customer signs in as your customer in Bookeo, the email address used must be unique. If the same customer comes back to your Bookeo booking page and forgets to sign in, a new customer record is automatically created.

Therefore, you will end up with two or more customer profiles under the same name in the Customers section. When this happens, and there are two or more customers with the same email address, the most recent customer record is used.

You can merge these duplicate records into one.

1. In your Bookeo account, go to Customers, select duplicate customers by clicking on them while pressing the Command or Shift keys (selected customers will become green).

2. Click on the Merge Selected button on the right.

3. A pop up window will open, warning you that the data of the selected customers will be merged into one record and that the operation cannot be undone. Click on the Ok, merge data button.

Your customers data - booking, prepaid credit and gift vouchers and so on - is now merged.


Please note that stored cards for customers will only be merged if the newer customer record has no card on file, and the older does have cards on file.

If the newer customer record has cards on file, only the cards on file for the newer customer record will be kept.