Can I and my staff block available times for booking in my resources' calendar (lunch, personal appointment, unavailability for a few hours)?

You can create a quick block to set that your resource(s) are unavailable for booking during a specific day and time. The time will be blocked for the specific resource, for:

  • appointments in Bookeo Appointments
  • personal lessons/appointments in Bookeo Classes and Courses. Click here for more information
  • Open schedule tours/appointments in Bookeo Tours and Activities. Click here for more information

1. Go to your Bookeo Calendar

2. Click on the Block button at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on the time when your unavailability starts, and drag the mouse on the time when it ends - and you are again available for bookings. 
When you release the mouse, a pop up window will open.

4. In the What section, from the resource scroll down menu, select:

- pick manually [1]

Click on the resources shown [2]. A drop down menu will show. Tick the resources [3] that you want to block.

- pick automatically [4]

From the scroll down menu [4], select the number of resources [5] that you want to block. The resources will be automatically picked by Bookeo.

5. In the When section, check the date [6] and time [7] of the block and input a Reason [8].

6. Click on the Save button. The quick block will now show in your Calendar. You and your customers won't be able to create a booking using the resource(s) affected by the quick block.