Can I set a language for my Bookeo back-end and a different language(s) for my booking page?

With Bookeo, you can set:

1. Go to Settings>Regional Settings

2. From the Your language [1] scroll down menu, select the language for your back-end.

3. From the Your customers' language [2] scroll down menu, select the default language for your booking page. It can be different from the language you selected for your back-end.

4. Tick 
the Allow customers to change language [3] checkbox if you want to allow language selection in your booking page. 

5. From the scroll down menu Allowed languages [4], select if you want to enable:

  • all languages, or
  • select the languages that be selected by customers

6. Save

When language change is enabled, customers can select a language from a scroll down menu at the top of your booking page and the Bookeo customer interface will be shown in the selected language.

If a translation has been set in the language selected, it will show, otherwise Bookeo will show the text in your default language.

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