Can I set holiday and closing periods for my business?

You can easily set holiday and closing periods for your business:

1. In

  • Bookeo Appointments, go to Settings>Time Settings, in the Closing periods section
  • Bookeo Classes and Courses, go to Settings>Closing periods
  • Bookeo Tours and activities, go to Settings>Closing periods

2. Click on the New period [1] button and set up your closing period. 
In our example, the business is closed every year from December 24 to January 1st. 

3. From the From [2] date picker, select the start date of your closing period

From the To [3] date picker, select the end date of your closing period

5. Tick the All day [4] checkbox, if the business is closed for the entire day(s)
If the business is closed only on specific hours, untick the 
All day [4] checkbox and set the start and end time of the closing period.

6. If your closing periods repeats periodically, from the Repeat [5] scroll down menu, select how often it repeats. Then, from the Repeat until [6] date picker, select the date when the automatically repetition should end.

7. In the Description [7] field, you can input a description of this closing period

8. Save