Can I set up a tour that runs every 2 weeks?

If you want to offer a tour that runs every 2 weeks, or 3 weeks, for example, you should

1. Set up your
 tour as a tour with a fixed weekly schedule. Click here for more information

2. When you have completed the tour set up wizard, go to the Schedule tab of the tour

3. In the Availability section, from the scroll down menu [1], select "this tour is available ONLY during the following periods"

4. Click on the New period [2] button. A pop up window will open

5. From the From [3] date picker, set the start date of the period, in our case Sunday.

6. From the 
To [4] date picker, set the end date 
of the period, in our case Saturday.

7. Tick the All day [5] date checkbox if the period applies to the entire day or set in which hours it applies

8. Set how often the Period of availability should Repeat [6]. In our case, every 2 weeks.

9. From the Repeat until
 [4] date picker, set until when this period of availability should be applied.

 You can create upto 100 periods of availability at a time.

10. If you want, input a Description [8] for the period.

11. Save.