Can I set up a base price plus a price per person over a number of participants to a booking?

Yes, you can set a base price for a specific number of participants and a per person price for additional participants. For example, if you accept maximum 10 participants per booking, you can set

  • a base price of $100 for upto 4 participants, plus
  • $30/adult and $20/student for the 5th to the 10th participants

1. Go to:

  • in Bookeo Appointments: Settings>Services offered and additional options or Settings>Workshops
  • in Bookeo Tours and Activities: Settings>Tours/activities
  • in Bookeo Classes and Courses: Settings>Classes, courses, events. 

2. Click on a service/tour/class

3. Go to the Price tab

4. Tick in the Enable price [1] checkbox

5. In the Standard price section, from the Price type [2] scroll down menu, select base price plus a price per person

6. Set a Base price [3], in our example $100

7. Set the Base number of people [4], in our example 4. This number of participants is included in the base price. So, in our example, if a booking is made for 3 participants, Bookeo will charge $100.

8. Set the price [5] for the participants above 4, in our example $30/adult and $20/student

9. Save.