Error message "A mapping to use when no Bookeo taxes are applicable is required"

The message means that you have to set a mapping for bookings/items when no tax are applicable in Bookeo to the relevant tax in Xero. 

To set the tax mapping:

1. Go to Settings>Integrations

2. Click on Xero

Tick the Enable Xero integration checkbox

. In the Tax Rates section, map taxes in Bookeo to a tax rate in Xero.

In Bookeo, taxes are set up in Settings>Taxes.

In Xero, Tax Rates are set in 
Settings>General Settings>Tax Rates

5. Click on the New button [a pop up window will open]

6.  In the Bookeo section, select the Tax(es) set up in Bookeo, in the Xero section, select to which Tax Rate they correspond in Xero.

7. Save