Can I integrate the widget with both booking modes in my website?

It is not possible to integrate the widget into you website and show the two booking modes offered by Bookeo. In Settings>Booking Preferences, in the Booking mode section, you will have to select if you want to show:

  • upcoming availability of classes/tours with dates and times

  • classes/tours with a picture and description

However, you can integrate the Bookeo widget showing upcoming classes/tours in your website, like in our live demo

You can also create a page in your website, where you list your classes/tours with description, picture, and include a BOOK NOW button for each class/tour. You can use direct links to classes/tours - you can find them in Marketing>Booking button and links - to redirect customers to the widget showing a class/tour as pre-selected. The page would be similar to the following page: This option would be very similar to the booking mode showing classes/tours with a picture and description.