Can I track the source of bookings in Bookeo?

Yes, if you append the parameter ?source= followed by the name of the source to a booking link - for example, or to a gift voucher link, you can track where the sale was originated from in Bookeo.

The same parameter can be used if you use the booking widget, ex:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>​

Of course you can use any word instead of "my_custom_campaign", as long as it's made of numbers, letters, _ or - , and is up to 64 characters long.

When customers make a booking by clicking on the link (or from a page where the custom widget code is used) the source will show:

1. in the HOW section, Source [1] field of your bookings

2. In the Source column in your booking report - that you can generate in Marketing>Reports>Bookings.