How can I reschedule a booking from my Bookeo Calendar?

It's easy to reschedule a booking from your Bookeo Calendar.

1. Go to your Bookeo Calendar

2. In the Search [1] field, input the booking number or type the customer's name

3. A pop up window will open:

  • if you input the booking number, you will see the booking window.
  • if you input the customer's name, you will see upcoming bookings for that customer. Click on a booking to open it. 

4. In the When section, click on the Find [2] button to see available dates and times to reschedule the booking

5. Select a date and time

6. If you want to send an updated booking confirmation email to the customer and to the other users of your account, tick the checkbox "Send email [3]: customer" and or ""Send email [3]: user" 

7. Save