Can I print/generate a list of gift vouchers to give to my customers or to charity events?

With Bookeo, you can print or generate a list of gift vouchers to give to your customers or to charity events.

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If you need to generate a list of gift vouchers to give to your customers or to special events, you can:

Option 1 - Create gift vouchers from your Calendar without creating a payment

You can manually create gift vouchers from your calendar without processing payments, and give the gift vouchers or the gift vouchers numbers to your customers the event organizers. To create a gift voucher from your calendar:

1. Go to your Calendar

2. Click on the Gift icon

3. Follow the steps to create a gift voucher 

4. When prompted if you want to create the gift voucher without processing a payment, simply confirm.

If you want to offer generic gift vouchers for the same monetary value, for example for $50, you will be able to generate upto 20 gift vouchers when you create a voucher from your calendar. 

Option 2 - Generate coupon codes and print them on your gift vouchers

You could generate a list of coupons and import them as promotion codes into Bookeo.  

If you import gift cards as promotion codes into Bookeo, customers would be able to redeem the promotion code associated with the gift card only once. For example, if a customer has a $50 dollar gift card but only uses $25 of it in a booking, they would not be able to use the balance of the gift card imported as a promotion code in Bookeo. 

Step 1- Set up your own multiple coupon code promotion


1. Set up a multiple coupon code promotion by following the steps in the following link:

2. You can easily create your own list of coupon codes to be printed on an individual gift certificate - and uploaded in your promotion - as explained in our tutorial here:

Step 2- Print gift vouchers with the code number

1. You can simply use Microsoft Word to design your own gift vouchers, or use one of the many free Word templates for gift vouchers (ex.

2. Use Word mail merge to generate one gift voucher per page, each with its own code taken from the Excel list. Click here to see Word's official documentation.

Gift vouchers redemption

Whether you generate gift vouchers from your calendar or you create a multiple coupon code promotion, customers will be able to redeem the vouchers from the Have a promotion or voucher code? Enter code button in the booking page and at checkout. Click here for more information.