Can I offer a discount only to customers who book the entire game/class/tour?

If you want to offer a discount only to customers who make a booking for an entire game/tour/class you should follow the steps below.

In this article:

Step 1 - Set a $0 fixed discount for your promotion

1. Go to Marketing>Promotions

2. Click on your Promotion or set up your Single code promotion or Multiple coupon code promotion (GroupOn, LivingSocial).

3. In the Discount section, set a fixed $0 discount

If you set a % or a fixed discount (and not a $0 discount), the discount will be automatically applied to any booking made with the specific promotion code.

Step 2 - Create special a special price for your game/tour/class 

1. Go to:

  • in Bookeo Appointments: Settings>Workshops
  • in Bookeo Tours and Activities: Settings>Tours/activities
  • in Bookeo Classes and Courses: Settings>Classes, courses, events

2. Click on a game/tour/class

3. Go to the Price tab

4. In the Special prices (when the customer chooses to book the entire ...), click on the New Special Price [1] button

5. Set when Bookeo should apply the special price.

6. From the Promotion [2] scroll down menu, select the promotion 

7. In the Price section, from the Price type [3] scroll down menu, select total. Set a special discounted total price that should be applied when the promotion code is used.

8. Save