Integration with Braintree

The PayPal by Braintree integration lets you accept payments via credit card and PayPal. It also lets you charge, directly from your Bookeo calendar:
  • a new or saved credit card
  • a saved PayPal account (if the customer paid online using that PayPal account)
To use PayPal by Braintree as you payment gateway, log into your Bookeo Account.

1. Click on Settings>Online Payments

2. From the Payment gateway [1] scroll down menu, select Braintree.  

3. In the Account details [2] section, input:
  • Braintree merchant ID
  • Braintree public key
  • Braintree private key
  • Braintree merchant account ID
To obtain the merchant ID, public key and private key
  • sign in your Braintree control panel
  • click on Account > My user

  • click on the button "View authorizations"

  • in the section "API Keys", click on the "View" link

  • copy the 3 values shown

To obtain the merchant account ID
  • click on Settings/Processing

  • scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the merchant account ID shown

4. Click on the Ok button

5. You will be prompted to input your Bookeo password to confirm the payment gateway integration. Input the password and click Ok.