Integration with PayDollar

Integrate PayDollar in your account

1. Go to Settings>Online Payments

2. From the Payment gateway [1] scroll down menu, select PayDollar

3. Input your PayDollar Merchant Id [2] and PayDollar Secure Hash [3].
You should log into your PayDollar account to get your PayDollar account details: The Return Value Link (Datafeed) [4] is provided by Bookeo and must be pasted into your PayDollar account. Click here for more information

4. In Bookeo, click on the Ok button

5. You will be prompted to input your Bookeo password to confirm the payment gateway integration. Input the password and click Ok.


How to get your PayDollar account credentials for the integration

PayDollar Merchant Id

The PayDollar Merchant Id is shown at the top of your PayDollar control panel [5]


​PayDollar Secure Hash

To obtain your PayDollar Secure Hash:
  • click on the Profile [6] tab on the left
  • click on Payment information [7], under Profile information

If Secure Hash is not enabled, please contact your PayDollar representative to have it enabled. Once enabled, copy the value shown as Secret [8]. Please note the secure hash has an expiration date, shown on the screen. When it is renewed in PayDollar, it must be updated in Bookeo as well.

Return Value Link (Datafeed)

The value is provided by Bookeo and it must be copied into your PayDollar control panel. To do so, in PayDollar:
  • click on the Profile [6] tab 
  • click on Payment options [9], under Profile Setting

  • Go to Bookeo, in Settings>Online payments, and click on the Copy [10] button to copy the Return value Link (Datafeed)
  • Paste the value provided by Bookeo in your PayDollar control panel, in the Return value Link [11] field
  • Select Enable [12] for the Return value Link
  • Click on the Update [13] button.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: In the next screen, make sure to click on the Confirm [14] button to confirm the changes . It is easy to forget this step, but unless you do it, the integration won't work!