View and manage waiting lists from your Bookeo Calendar

If waiting lists are enabled in your account, you can manage and view waiting list entries from your Bookeo dashboard. If you haven't enabled waiting lists yet, you can click here for more information.

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How waiting lists show in your calendar

You can easily see how many people are in the waiting list for a class/tour/game from your Bookeo Calendar and Home page. 

People on the waiting list will be shown next to the number of bookings, seats blocked and available as a N waiting, for example '6 waiting' [1] means that customers are registered in the waiting list, and they are waiting for a total of 6 seats. 

View all the waiting list entries for a class/tour/game

If there are people on a waiting list for a class/tour/game, when you click on the class/tour/game, you will see a Waiting [2] tab.

You can click on the Waiting tab to see all the waiting list entries. You can also click on a waiting list entry to edit it or delete it.

Waiting list notifications in the Home page

You will receive a notification in your Home page if:
  • a customer joins a waiting list
  • an account user creates a waiting list entry
  • a waiting list entry is edited or deleted by the customer or an account user

Add a waiting list entry for a class/tour/game

You can add a waiting list entry for a class/tour/game.

1. Go to your Calendar or Home page

2. Click on the class/tour/game

3. Click on the Wait [3] button (a pop up window will open)

4. Fill in the customer details and select the number of participants

5. Save

Manually convert a waiting list entry into a booking

To convert a waiting list entry into a booking:
1. Go to your Calendar or Home page

2. Click on the class/tour/game

3. Click on the Waiting [4] tab

4. Click on the waiting list entry you want to convert into a booking

5. Click on the Book [5]  button

6. Save