Sales Taxes not included in item prices (i.e. $10 plus Sales Tax @ 5%)

As in price of $10 plus Sales Tax @ 5%

1. To set up a Sales Tax not included in item price:

  • Go to Settings>Taxes
  • Click on the New tax button to create a new tax.

2. In the General section, set the tax name in the Name field - the name will be shown to your customers in the price breakdown, before any payment is required to proceed with the booking.

3. Tick the Enabled checkbox to enable the tax.

4. Set Sales Tax rate:

  • In the Tax Rate section, select Percentage from the scroll down menu
  • Input the per cent rate. If your Sales Tax is @ 5%, input 5%.

5. Set Sales Tax exemption (by location)

In the Apply to section, you can set a Sales Tax exemption for customers depending on their location. Some Sales Taxes may only apply to customers from your country, from your state and so on. If your Sales Tax applies to all your customers, select everyone.

6. To set Sales Tax as not included in item price, select the prices listed do not include this tax in the Prices section.

7. Set when the Sales Tax should/should not be applied

You can set that the Sales Tax will ONLY be applied by Bookeo if the booking is created during a specific period of time and/or if the time booked is between a specific period of time.
This feature is useful, for example, when a tax is replaced by a new tax.

Simply click on the New period button to create a time when the tax should or should not be applied.



​In Bookeo, you can set what taxes apply to every single service, class, tour you offer and to every single additional option. You can also set what taxes apply to your prepaid packages and memberships.